Author Accelerator System

You’re a Successful Entrepreneur or Service Provider Who's Ready to Be Recognized As The Influencer You Truly Are.

Most business owners today KNOW that they need a book to position themselves at the head of their industry. The challenge is that there is just no darn time!

Well, count your lucky stars, because I will help you go from blank page to fully published book in 8 weeks or less. And you’ll do it without any long, tedious writing sessions OR having to hire an expensive ghostwriter… once you learn the Movie Star Method for Writing a Book™


Your Legacy In A Book

You Have Life Experiences That Deserve to Be In a Book. It’s Not a Memoir… It’s Your True Legacy.

You’ve lived an incredible life. You have stories, experiences, triumphs and failures that, if shared could save others (including your children and grandchildren) years of effort, costly mistakes and perhaps even painful heartache.

Your life stories and experiences are your True Legacy™, not all the “stuff” that you leave behind. Finally preserve your legacy for those who need it the most and know that YES… your life mattered!

30 Day Book Camp

Learn The Exact System That’s Helped 2,463 “Non-writers” Get Their Book Written In 30 Days or Less...

Nothing is worse than being good at what you do, and then see someone less experienced, less connected and even less talented… 

move into your market or industry and suddenly get all the attention, recognition and celebrity clients that you deserve… and frankly… that you have earned!

I'm here to fix that for you.

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Bestseller Book Marketing

Turn your book into an Amazon Bestseller... Guaranteed!

Nothing is more frustrating than pouring your heart out into a book that no one ever reads.  The fastest way to increase your readership is to put your book onto the bestseller list.  We have a proven track record of doing just that.

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