About Travis Cody


I’m an international bestselling author and Hollywood Screenwriter who has appeared on the Ellen Show.

I wrote my first book when I was just 12 years old and was a paid, published journalist by the time I turned 16. #HumbleBrag 🙂

I wrote my first screenplay when I was 24 and went on to become a highly sought-after screenwriter before signing an exclusive contract with producer Jonathan Krane. I eventually went on to manage Krane’s team of writers before being promoted to Vice President of Film & Television Development for Krane Films.

During my time in Hollywood, I gained a reputation for being one of the fastest screenwriters in the industry. Turns out, being able to create full screenplays in less than a week is kind of big deal!


It was during this time I refined those accelerated writing strategies and started to apply them to writing books as well.

After releasing three books in three years, I wrote a book about the technique in the #1 bestseller When A Book Is A Goldmine. (I used the process to write the book ON the process… and went from blank page to fully published in just 23 days.)

While I still continue to do work in Hollywood and host a #1 podcast for entertainment, today I enjoy helping others as a writing and marketing consultant and mentor. I have helped over four dozen people write their first book and to become bestselling author… usually in under two months.

I’ve been blessed to consult or work with some of the biggest names in the marketing industry.


Russell Brunson


Dave Asprey


Marlon Sanders


Tai Lopez


David Garfinkel


Ellen Degeneres


Mike Koenigs


Loral Langmier


Daven Michaels


Perry Marshall


Ted Nicholas


Brian Whetton


Forbes Riley


James Malinchak & Makayla Leone


James Schramko


JJ Virgin


John Benson & Jay Abraham


John Carlton


Lewis Howes


Matt Furey


Pedram Urban Monk

It was during this time I refined those accelerated writing strategies and started to apply them to writing books as well.

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, business owner, speaker, coach or service provider… I can help you.

If you’re retired and have been thinking about writing your memoirs… what I refer to as your True Legacy™… or you have a parent or grandparent whose life story you’d like to capture… I can help you.

If you feel like your life story demands to be on TV or the Hollywood Big Screen… I can help you.

EVERYONE has a book inside them. (Yes, even YOU!)


My mission in life is to remove the blocks, barriers and pain points that stop you so that you can have your VOICE published and heard.

I passionately spread that message through my hit Podcast Just Write and strive to pass on my passion for film and entertainment through my #1 podcast the All Things Hollywood Show.

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