Here are a few of the books that we have helped publish and/or market to the top of the Amazon Bestseller Lists

The Inherent Genius of Sylvester Stallone

by Travis Cody

Celebrity Rules(!)

by Travis Cody

How to Be Hollywood Beautiful Without the Hollywood Price

by Makayla Léone


The Book of Brunson vol 2

by Travis Cody


When A Book Is A Gold Mine

by Travis Cody

Never Be Closing

by Ted McGrath

The MindBody Toolkit

by DR Kim D’Eramo

Cure Overwhelm Now

by Travis Cody

Dump Your Fear!

by Jacinth Tracey

Luck of the Devil

by Jack H.W. Collins

Breakthrough Copywriting

by David Garfinkel


Everything You Need to Know About Vampires

by Thomas Von Harrington


Everything You Need to Know About Zombies

by Thomas Von Harrington


A Doctors Guide to Living Longer and Better

by Andrew Scanameo

Open Click Buy

by Jon Benson

Gluten Free for the Family

by Karen Mahoy

The Rookie Copywriter’s Survival Guide

by Doberman Dan

Supplement Marketing Secrets

by Doberman Dan

SWAT Team Tactics For Getting Your Teen Into College

by Pamela Donnelly

Unlock Your Genius

by Makayla Leone

Where Your Mind Goes, You Go

by Clark Bartram

Ink To Screen

by Blair Tindall, Travis Cody

Your Legacy In A Book

by Caroline Lambert, Travis Cody

Helea Method

by Michael Healea


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