Your Legacy In A Book

How to Craft a Memoir Your Family Will Cherish for Generations

When you finally leave this mortal realm… your Legacy is all you leave behind. Most people think of this as the money, investments, real estate and other “stuff” they leave for their children. However, your TRUE LEGACY is your life story… the ups and downs, triumphs and failures, the laughter and the tears… and the remarkable lessons that you learned along the way.

When you turn your life story into a book, it will become the True Legacy that your family will cherish for generations. And now, you can do that with Your Legacy in a Book. This easy to follow, step-by-step guide will take you from blank page to fully published book… even if you’ve never written anything before.

Your life is worthy of a book. And this book will show you how.


Ink To Screen:

How to Turn Your Life Story and Experiences Into a Book That Hollywood Loves

Your Life Story Was Meant to Be On The Big Screen! Have you ever felt your life and experiences were perfect for the big screen of Hollywood? Many have. The challenge has been… how do you do it? Especially if your not a “known writer” in Tinseltown? Today, possibilities are greater than at any other time. Netflix is set to spend over $8 BILLION on original content, Amazon to invest over $7 BILLION on the same. They are thirsty for gripping, dramatic stories that they can produce. In Ink to Screen, Blair Tindall lays out the proven path that she followed to turn her own life into a book. And how she used that memoir to sell her story to Amazon who turned it into the Golden Globe, Emmy-winning hit series, “Mozart in the Jungle.”

If an oboe player from the invisible orchestra pits of Broadway can do it … YOU can do it. Ink to Screen shows you how.


The Inherent Genius of Sylvester Stallone:

Hollywood's Most Under Appreciated Writer

100% of the royalties from the sale of this book are donated to to help Veterans find jobs. His life story is the stuff of legend. The man with the funny face and the funny voice who created his own ticket to fame and fortune. Yet history remembers Sylvester Stallone as a dim witted, impossibly muscled action star. Never have any of the stories or legends highlighted the single, greatest fact behind what started it all: HE WROTE!

Of the 49+ films that Stallone has starred in, a staggering 24 have been written by him. A record not within reach of any other actor in history. So why is it that Stallone’s writing skills, arguably his greatest skill by far (other than his Herculean tenacity), have been entirely ignored?

In this ground-breaking book, Travis Cody reveals the Inherent Genius behind Stallone’s life work as a writer. Inside, he dives deep into one of the greatest achievements of writing in cinematic history: Stallone’s flawless adherence to Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” with his four-film Rambo Series.


When A Book Is A Gold Mine:

The Entrepreneur's Shortcut to Market Domination Kindle Edition

Dale Carnegie did it with How to Win Friends and Influence People. Jay Conrad Levinson did it with Guerrilla Marketing. Anthony Robbins did it with Awaken The Giant Within. Tim Ferris did it with The Four-Hour Workweek. Suze Orman did it with The Courage to Be Rich. These business owners became household names and business powerhouses by publishing and strategically promoting their own bestselling books.

Now, for the first time, you can do so, too. Why? Because a recently discovered proven technology combining book publishing and internet marketing can propel your brand to the top of your marketplace. In this book, you will learn the exact process entrepreneurs are using to grab and keep market share… and let the profits roll in!



30 Days to A New You

Imagine is a collection of the cutting-edge tips, tools and strategies from the world’s leading experts in success, business, leadership, self-help, and health. It is designed to guide you to your highest and best self. Read a chapter, and take action, then read another chapter, and take more action. Soon enough, you’ll be amazed at the life you’ve created! Contributing Experts to IMAGINE Include: Lew Bayer, Terri Levine, Tracy Spears, Doug Sandler, Wally Schmader, Scott Behson, Elisabetta Faenza, Rick Clemons, Corey Jahnke, Lynette Louise, Meridith Elliott Powell and more…


Celebrity Rules:

How to Prepare for a Celebrity Encounter Kindle Edition

Celebrity Rules has been updated and ALL formatting issues have been fixed. The Kindle version now reads exactly as the print version. If you love hearing about all the latest celebrity gossip -then this is the book for you! You’re enamored, weak in the knees and speechless. How can you make that moment count when standing within arm’s length of your favorite celebrity?


Cure Overwhelm Now:

Slash the Stress, Get More Done. and Have More Fun

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you master overwhelm? One small step at a time. Travis Cody, author of Cure Overwhelm Now, has written a book that guides you one step at a time to cure the overwhelm that is ruling your life. It works – but you have to follow his system.

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