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The All Things Hollywood Show is not just about interviews with Famous People (though we have plenty of them!) The show was created for the true fans of movies, TV, and entertainment.

We take you behind the scenes to show you what it really takes to get a movie made. We talk to the people who are the “boots on the ground”, so to speak… the ones who really make everything run smoothly on set.

Ever wonder what the heck a “gaffer” is? How about a “best boy?” Are you curious about what a Costume Designer, Set Designer, and 1st AD actually do?

THAT is what the All Things Hollywood Show is all about. Along with some juicy celebrity gossip, of course!

Hosted by Travis Cody, a screenwriter, author of several #1 bestselling books and 15+ year Hollywood veteran who spent considerable time as a Film Development Executive. (Don’t worry, you’ll learn what that is too!)


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