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I’m Travis Cody, a #1 Bestselling author and creator of the Six-Figure Author System… a system that’s been used by entrepreneurs in dozens of different markets and industries to create successful bestselling books. (Over 400 at last count!) I’ve also coached or worked with a wide range of experts such as Jon Benson, Glenn Livingston, David Garfinkel, Doberman Dan, Ted McGrath, Tiamo De Vettori, Clark Bartram, and more. Yet what excites me the most is when “regular” folks follow the system and realize their dream of becoming a bestselling author and then build six-figure income streams from those books.

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With Travis Cody

The Six-Figure Author System

The Proven Formula to Launching Bestselling Books and Creating Six-Figure Income Streams

The Six-Figure Author System is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to create and launch your own bestselling book… in 6 Weeks or less! It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way. From overcoming the dreaded “blank page” to get started, the best way to deal with writers block, simple publishing secrets for everyone and… how to create a six-figure income stream from a single book.

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With Travis Cody

When A Book Is A Gold Mine

Dale Carnegie did it with How to Win Friends and Influence People. Jay Conrad Levinson did it withGuerrilla Marketing. Anthony Robbins did it with Awaken The Giant Within. Tim Ferris did it with The Four-Hour Workweek. Suze Orman did it with The Courage to Be Rich. These business owners became household names and business powerhouses by publishing and strategically promoting their own bestselling books.

Now, for the first time, you can do so, too. Why? Because a recently discovered proven technology combining book publishing and internet marketing can propel your brand to the top of your marketplace. In this book, you will learn the exact process entrepreneurs are using to grab and keep market share… and let the profits roll in!

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Imagine: 30 Days to a New You

Imagine is a collection of the cutting-edge tips, tools and strategies from the world’s leading experts in success, business, leadership, self-help, and health.

It is designed to guide you to your highest and best self through action and implementation. Read a chapter, and take action. Then read another chapter and take more action. Soon enough, you’ll be amazed at the life you’ve created!

Contributing Experts to IMAGINE Include: Justin Sachs, Travis Cody, Lew Bayer,  Doug Sandler  and more…

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Cure Overwhelm Now

“An amazing combination of living-on-the-edge adventurism and hard-nosed, scholarly research. Result: Travis Cody has created THE definitive work on what technology is doing to us — and what we can do about it. Absolutely indispensable if you finally want to get control of your time back! It’s just a happy coincidence that Cure Overwhelm Now is a delight to read!”

David Garfinkel
Amazon best-selling author, Breakthrough Copywriting

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By Travis Cody

Good is the Enemy of Great

There is a peculiar thing in our culture in regard to how we greet each other. The standard greeting is “Hello.  How are you?” To which most people respond “I’m good.” Here’s the thing… most