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Presented By: TRAVIS CODY

16-Time Bestselling author & marketer who has helped launch over 3,635 bestselling books


2X ROI Guarantee

We are committed to your success. If you follow our program, do the work, you'll double your ROI within 6-months of your book being published...  or we will continue to work with and support you until you do. As long as you commit to doing the work, we guarantee that you will get results from our program.

What People Are Saying About This Program

“Closed a HUGE contract from using only my book.”

– Shawn Khorrami,
Business Growth Consultant & Investor

“Going through this process has been the single most valuable experience for my business.”

– Keith Yackey,
Real Estate Investing and Fundraising


“The amount of publicity coming my way and the opportunities that are opening up is insane. This was my best investment ever.”

– Scott Palat,
Coaching Consultant

"I can't tell you the power that comes from saying you're a bestselling author. It truly opens doors and sets you apart from others who are doing something similar."

– Makayla Leone,
Wellness & Beauty Consultant

"I've been in publishing, one way or another, for almost 40 years, including being a publisher myself (six authors' books in print). I can say without hesitation that I have NEVER seen anything as easy or powerful as this."

David Garfinkel - Marketing Consultant
#1 Bestselling Author of Breakthrough Copywriting


"I can't tell you the power that comes from saying you are a bestselling author. It truly does open doors and set you apart from others who are doing something similar."

Makayla Leone - Wellness & Beauty Consultant
#1 Bestselling Author of Unlock Your Genius


"Travis Cody was instrumental in helping me to get my book published and in getting it to #1 on Amazon. If you want your own bestselling book, follow his method and you will see results."

Jon Benson - Marketing Consultant and "Billion Dollar Copywriter"
#1 Bestselling Author of Open Click Buy


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