“Discover The 581 Year Old Strategy That Ignites An Explosion Of New Clients Eager To Do Business With You”

If you're a coach, consultant or service based entrepreneur… one of the biggest challenges you have is attracting qualified new leads into your business.


That's because in today's hyper connected world, it's easier and cheaper than at any other time to get new leads.


It's also more difficult and more expensive to get new CUSTOMERS.


But what if there was a way for you to get a steady stream of pre-qualified, high quality leads who are already sold on doing business with you?


And what if there was a way that would allow you to turn a high percentage of these leads into high ticket clients and customers?


Finally… what if there was a way for you to get these leads… for practically free?


Well my young padawan… there is.

And the biggest, wealthiest and most famous marketers and entrepreneurs in the world are already using this way.


I guess you could say:


What is this way?  It's with your own book.  But not just any book.

This Can Only Be Done With a Very Specific Type Of Book

And after publishing 13 books of my own and after having been a paid writer for going on 30 years, I can tell you not all books are created equal. 


In fact, there are over a dozen different "types" of books.


To stand a chance of attracting high quality leads sold on doing business with you, you need to publish the RIGHT book for your business.


By following a proven method, you can create a powerful ‘lead generation machine’ for use in advertising, securing favourable media attention and for also creating a flood of hungry clients dying to work with you.


And in the process, you can become the trusted authority in your niche with this hyper-effective business-building strategy.


Ever since Johannes Gutenberg created his printing press in 1440, (581 years ago, at the time I write this)... business owners have been clambering to publish their own best-selling books to cement their name in history.  Or at least… today… as a leader in their niche.


Here's where things get interesting if you want to create a book that does that for you.

There are different books for different goals.


If you're a business owner and you write the wrong type of book…


You'll never be perceived as a thought leader…


You'll never attract more qualified leads…


And you sure as heck won't close any high ticket clients.


So let’s dive into the types of books you could write… and focus on the type of book that's best for entrepreneurs and business owners.


Imagine having ONE core marketing asset that all of your strategies fed into… instead of running yourself into the ground "grinding it out" with endless content that never sees a result… and never moves the revenue needle in any meaningful way. 


That's what I want for you.  First… let's look at a few other ways.

Types of Books You Could Write

  1. Fiction Books 

This is what most people think of when they think of being an author and this is the type of book that most of us are familiar with.  No need for me to spend much time here as you already know it.


While this is what most would-be authors think about because it sounds attractive and romantic, it's tough to make any money this way.


You need, on average, 12 published fiction books before you cross the $1,000 per month mark in revenues.  How long will it take you to write those 12 books? 


2. Non-Fiction - (usually about specific experiences)

These books are usually about a specific experience or time vs a full life story. 

Some Examples:

  • Mozart in the Jungle

An oboe player wrote about her experience in the music pits of Broadway… which eventually was turned into a hit Amazon show.


  • Orange is the New Black

About a privileged white girl’s time in a minimum-security prison in Litchfield, New York.


  • American Sniper

After returning home from the war in Iraq, a SEAL sniper cannot let go of the horrors he experienced, affecting his marriage and life.


  • 30 Days Unplugged

This was about my experience turning off my cell phone, computer, TV, tablet, gadgets and the Internet for 30 days.


What started off as a journal turned into an entire book.


So don't tell me you don't have enough time to write a book.


There have been entire books about a single day in someone’s life.


Now, non-fiction shouldn't be confused with memoir books.  While memoirs are technically non-fiction, I put them in a separate category because memoirs are usually about someone's full life story.


3. Memoir and/or Life story

This is a fairly broad category… but in the realm of business a few of the bigger ones include:


  • The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger
  • A Life on Our Planet by David Attenborough
  • The Snowball about Warren Buffett.  (Alright… while not technically a memoir, the author had such personal access to Warren that it might as well be considered as such.)


4. Children's Books



  • The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Where the Wild Things Are


5. Coloring Books



  • Secret Garden
  • Lost Ocean
  • The Disney Dreams Collection

6. Young Adult Books



  • Twilight Series
  • Divergent Series
  • Hunger Games Series

7. Cook Books and Recipes



  • Modern Comfort Food
  • Gordon Ramsay Quick and Delicious
  • The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook

8. Self Help and Personal Development Books


I don't think I need to really go into detail here.  You get it.  😉


9. Scholar Books 


These are usually written by academics.  The obvious path is to turn your dissertation into a book and then send out chapters to be printed in industry trade journals. 

Having a published book if you're a professor can create extra influence.  And that little "extra" can not only help secure teaching gigs at prestigious schools and can also help you negotiate better pay for the industry you are in.


10. eBooks 


I'm not talking about books you find on kindle or nook.  I'm talking about a self-published PDF that you sell directly to the consumer.


eBooks are an industry unto themselves. They're a HUGE business.


I have a client who has sold over 2 million copies of his books. Yet he's never been on any "official" bestseller list… and not a single one of those was a print copy.


Here's what is absolutely remarkable about eBooks:


  • You can charge premium pricing

$7, $27, $47, $97 are the most common pricing, though I had a client who sold one for $1,000.  Yes, you read that right.


The publishing industry would KILL for those kinds of prices.


Authors have made MILLIONS with eBooks and have become hugely famous, yet outside of their industries very few people have even heard of them.


Some of these people include:


    • Frank Kern
    • Dan Kennedy
    • Jon Benson
    • Harlan Kilstein
    • Chris Guerriero
    • Russell Brunson

These guys are famous in their own industry… but stop someone on the street and ask them who Frank Kern or Jon Benson is and they'll just give you a blank stare.  It's what I call "Micro Celebrity" status.


And after nearly 20 years in Hollywood, I can tell you that being a "Micro Celebrity" is by far the best kind.  You have the money and opportunities… but mostly live an anonymous life.


The next type of book is one that is slowly starting to become more common and that is the interview book.


11. Interview Book #1:


This is where someone interviews you and uses that to create the foundation of your book. It's an ok way to do it… but if you're not careful this type of book can hurt you more than help you. (See below for the reasons for this.)

It can also be a collection of interviews you have done with other people. 

Tim Ferris has done this twice now with:


  • Tools for Titans 
  • Tribe of Mentors


He's already doing all the work with his podcast and the interviews he does… but he's getting a 10X return on his time.  He's working ONE time and then leveraging that over and over again by repurposing his content. 


I like to call this, “selling your sawdust”.  Essentially… you find ways to get paid extra for things you are already doing.


A very smart business strategy.


There's another type of interview book...


12. Interview Book #2: aka "Ask the Expert"


This works a charm if you're part of an agency or firm with a lot of members or partners.


For example, you run a real estate agency and you employ 15 real estate agents.


Each agent could do a 30 min interview on their topic of expertise and each one would be a chapter.  You put them all together and now you have a book full of experts.


This is one way you can dominate your local market, because trust me, no one else is doing this. 


Now, these are all great books and ways to leverage your time… however, there's also a BAD kind of interview book.


13. Interview Book #3: Sissy Book - aka "Two Hour Books"


Someone interviews you for a couple of hours and transcribes it, then does a fast and cheap edit.


Then they bump up the font size to like 18 pt and add massive amounts of white space.  Finally, they make the print size of the book small...


What you end up with is really nothing more than a 70 page brochure.


This is nothing more than an ego play to say you published a book.

Your Best Selling Book Is Your New Business Card

If you've ever been to a conference or big event… you know the drill.  You meet people and get a lot of business cards and brochures…


Then you go home, look at all the cards, wonder why you took so many and end up throwing most of them in the trash.


Come on… be honest…if you've ever done that…


We all have.

But let's say that at the event you meet someone you KNOW is an ideal client or partner.  But instead of a business card, you hand them your best-selling  book… right after you write your phone number and email address in the front for them.


What are the chances that person is going to throw your book away?


Of course not.


Because we've been conditioned since childhood that books are special and should be respected.  


And when you create a Book By Design… the book positions you far, far ahead of any competition.  If nothing else, they will remember you as the person in your industry who had the book.

How Do You Make Money With Your Book?

So now that you know which type of book is best for you as a business owner or entrepreneur, we need to discuss the best part.


Which is how you make money with it!


Most people don't realize it… but there are actually...

13 Ways to Make Money with a Book

… and I’ll show you the only one that REALLY matters if you're a coach, consultant or marketer.


  • Book Advance (rare)


Book advances are pretty rare today unless you're already famous or have a huge social following.

The thing is… if you have an audience of 50,000 or more… you can publish through your own Amazon account and have WAY more traction… as well as keep way more of the profits. 

"Back in the day," going with a publisher was pretty much the only way for you to get into bookstores.  And "back in the day," nearly 90% of your book sales would happen there.

Let me ask you… out of the last 50 books you bought… how many of those did you buy at a bookstore?  


  • Royalties from Sales


Again… unless you have a huge following, royalties from book sales are pretty low.  And even if you do have a following and you do get a publisher… they're only going to give you 10-15% NET profit if you're a first time author.

So if your hard cover sells for $18 on Amazon… the wholesale cost is $9.  Factor in the printing costs of $4-5 for a hardcover and your royalty is a whopping .40 cents.

Take your same following and publish yourself… and you'll get to keep 60% of the full price.  That's an oversimplification, but I state that because there are other ways of making money with your book that I think are much more productive… as well as profitable.


And while I'm on the topic… even though it doesn't really apply to you as an entrepreneur… with fiction books the odds are stacked even higher against you.

Most fiction authors don't break $1,000 per month in royalties until after their 11th or 12th book.


  • Page Reads with KDP Select


This method is almost entirely unknown to most people… including authors.

Amazon Kindle has  a program called ‘KDP Select’.  When you put your book in this program, Amazon makes the book available to their Unlimited Membership.  This program allows people to pay $10/month and they can basically "borrow" one book at a time to read.  


Think of it like an electronic library.


So even though technically you're giving your book away for FREE… Amazon actually pays you for the number of pages that have been read.


For most people… this isn't really a significant amount.  However, I know three authors who average $50,000 per MONTH... all from page reads… not book sales.

In fact, they're actually not even interested in book sales because that's a different strategy entirely. 


And yes… he has dozens and dozens of books.


  • Freemium


This model is when you list your kindle book on Amazon for free.


But wait… how do you make money?


  • Freemium Profit #1: Audio Book


After you're done with your book, you create the audio book at the same time and put it on Audible.com. Then, when someone gets your Kindle book for free, you give them the option to also download the audio book at a discount… usually around $5.


If your free Kindle book is in a popular niche, you could end up with a LOT of people picking up the Kindle book for free. With the law of averages, combined with the fact that you are deeply discounting your audio book from the normal $10-20 price… 


You could easily add $5,000 - $10,000 to your pocket each month. And this is exactly what a couple of consultants I know are doing right now… with a SINGLE book.


They spend $10,000+ per month on Amazon ads… advertising a FREE book!  But, because of the audio book… they're actually making over $20,000 per month.


Better yet… both books push people into a back end funnel where they offer their coaching and consulting services at a higher ticket price.


And even better than that… one consultant I know is doing this with just ONE book.  (Versus the dozens that my friend needs to maintain his $50,000 from page reads.) 


  • Freemium Profit #2:  The Offer Page


In addition to offering the discounted audio book, with this strategy, you make the very first page of your book an offer page.


You offer to give them something very valuable in exchange for their email address.  This can be a free training, masterclass, video… doesn't matter as long as it has value. The goal is to just get the email address, so make it as valuable as you can afford to.


Once you have them on your list, you can email them and offer them other products and services that relate to the topic of your book.


  • Crowdfund before you publish


This is sort of like getting an advance… but you're giving yourself the advance instead!  Do it right, and you can get paid before you ever write a single word of your book.


Here are a couple of blokes who have done "ok" with this model:


John Lee Dumas raised 453,803 towards The Freedom Journal.

And Eric Ries raised an astounding $588,903 towards The Leader's Guide.

Who needs that $100k advance from Random House when you do that, right?

That said, I know there are some people who will read this and think their situation is "different"… that their topic is too obscure to be able to create a crowdfunding campaign. So let's take a look at the... 


The Highest Two (Niche) Crowdfunded Books


  • Fairytales for Girls: $866,293


  • French Rifles from 1866 - 2016:  $800,256

Do you really think your business book won't find a bigger audience than Fairytales for Girls?


Or French Rifles… which raised $800,000?!?

BULK Sales


  • Corporations


If you're a speaker, this is a fantastic way to sell your saw dust.  You're already going to be there speaking… so you just make it a part of your contract that the corporation has to buy a copy of your book for all of their employees.


One speaker I know no longer has a speaking fee.  He speaks for free.  He does, however, have a minimum book order that must be placed from Amazon in order for him to speak for you. 


This allows the corporations to feel like they're getting a good deal… and the bonus for him is his book is continually being pushed to the top of the Amazon bestseller list because of the sales.


He's been in the Top 10 now for over four years the last time I checked.


  • Libraries


This is another overlooked distribution and sales method for authors.

The primary libraries to focus on are:

    • Local
    • Colleges/Universities
    • Prisons (This is actually massively overlooked and extremely lucrative.) 
  • Costco 

Most people don't know this, but Costco is the #2 bookseller in the world!


They drive tremendous volume.  The catch is, you have to supply them with 10,000 books per MONTH… at your expense.


IF they sell, they send you money.

If they DON'T - they send them back and you have to eat the cost.


That said...

It's the Fastest Way to New York Times Bestseller

... if you can pull it off. 


  • Door to Door sales


Go door to door to boutique bookstores.

This worked beautifully for Sara Blakely of Spanx and John Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell.  I know… they weren't selling books! But they were in entirely different industries and they both got the result. 

Because so few people today are willing to do this, you'll have an added advantage by doing this. 


  • Direct Mail


You can actually sell your books at premium prices through Direct Mail.  


I covered this topic in detail when I interviewed Brian Kurz.  His company sold over $30 million dollars worth of books using direct mail.

You can listen to the interview here


Another way to use direct mail to move copies of your book is to sell your book as a bonus to some other product or service.  This is very popular in the Financial Newsletter space, where they offer you the book for free if you sign up for their service.


  • Digital Sales


Turn the content of your book into a course, workshop, seminar or training and sell it at a premium price.


Russell Brunson once said that people will pay a different amount for the same information delivered in a different way.


And he's a walking example of this.

With his first book Dotcom Secrets, he gave it away for free on his website.  

Then he sold videos that explained the content in greater detail.


Then he sold a certification for $6,500.


At the certification training… he walked you through the book live and in person… and then had you actually do the tasks.


He did this again with his Expert Secrets book… where the final offer was a $10,000 "Hack-a-thon" event where again… he taught the book content live and had you actually do the tasks.

You could find nearly everything in the book… for free… but a lot of people were willing to pay $10,000 to have someone hold them accountable to actually getting it done!


  • Infomercial


This really isn't a method too many authors will use today.  Currently, the only one I know doing this successfully is Dean Graziosi.


That said… infomercials are how Tony Robbins kick-started his career and things seem to have turned out ok for him.


The online version of an infomercial would be a live cast, live stream or webinar.


  • Book Funnel


Once your book is published, you sell it directly through your own website.  (I'll share examples of entrepreneurs who are doing this right now)


The most popular model is what is called a Free + Shipping (F+S) Model.


You give the book away for free, but charge shipping and handling.  


After they buy the book, you offer them additional products and services right then and there.


You also now have them on your email list, so you can continually market to them and send additional offers.

A Book Funnel is the Fastest Way to Grow a Coaching, Consulting or Service Based Business

So now you know what type of book you need…


and you know how to make money with the book you publish... let's move into how to get your book created and published in the first place.

The NEW way of Publishing to Achieve Ultimate Authority Positioning

What's the only thing better than a bestselling book?


MULTIPLE bestselling books!  🙂


I'll admit… seeing your book hit the bestseller list for the very first time is an amazing feeling.  It's one of the reasons I insist on personally calling everyone we help reach the bestseller list.


Telling a client "Congratulations, you're officially a bestselling author" is one of the most amazing things about my job.


But when you are able to do that again and again and again… the level of authority you create is just massive. 


If your business was in trouble and you needed an outside consultant to help you… who would you rather work with:  


  • The consultant with no book
  • The consultant with one book
  • The consultant with multiple books on the exact area you need help with

It's obvious, yes?


The challenge is… you don't have a single book yet so how are you ever supposed to get multiple books done?  You'll be 90 years old.


And you will be, unless you learn how to stop thinking what a book "should be"... and start seeing what books ARE ... which is nothing more than a compilation of useful information.


Look:  one of the biggest reasons I hear from people about not having a book is they just don't have the time.

It's Not That You Don't Have the Time… It's That You Don't Have a Process To Follow That Makes Publishing Books Fast And Easy.

In fact, you've probably already finished your first book… you just don't know it.


I didn't get this until after I had published my 4th book.  


I ran into a woman on a plane and we struck up a friendship.  Through chatting with her, I discovered she was a brilliant essayist… on Facebook.


I told her she should publish a book.


But she said she was too busy. She wouldn't know what to write. And the truth was, she thought she really didn't have much to say.  


So, I had her copy and paste all of her posts in chronological order.  By the time we were done, she had 350 pages!  It was enough for us to actually publish TWO books.


After we published… I started asking myself what the limits were to publishing a book.  


Was there something I had in my own life that I wasn't seeing?  And, in fact there was.

My Master's Thesis

the-inherent-genius-of-sylvester-stallone by travis cody

I published it. And it went on to become a #1 bestseller and today all the royalties from that book go to support Hire Heroes USA… which is a non profit organization that helps veterans find jobs. And that's when it hit me: 

This is the NEW way of publishing:

  • Two years of Facebook Posts
  • A Years worth of Blog Posts
  • Keynote Speeches or Presentations 
  • Podcasts
  • Six Months of Emails
  • Youtube Videos
  • Master's Thesis
  • Interviews
  • Doctoral Dissertations



 You just have to know how to compile, edit and publish.


And that includes YOUR ideas, content, speeches, videos and more... even if you think it's obscure.  


Remember the French Guns? 😉  And I'm willing to bet that if you sit down for more than 5 minutes and go through this list… you'll discover that you've already written a book and didn't even realize it!


So I took what I learned, created a process so it was easy to follow, and then I started teaching it to my private clients.


I taught it to Pamela... 

swat-team-tactics-for-getting-your-teen-into-college by pamela donnelly

She went from blank page to her first fully published book in just over 6 weeks...


And to Doberman Dan... 

just-sell-the-damn-thing by doberman dan

And Dr. Andrew Scanameo...

a-doctors-guide-to-living-longer-and-better by dr andrew scanameo

He is a medical doctor who had never written a book and was a bit intimidated… but he got it out and done in just under 4 months….


 And Dr. Kim D'Eramo...

the-mind-body-tool-kit by Dr. Kim D'Eramo

And Makayla Leone...

how-to-be-hollywood-beautiful-without-hollywood-price by Makayla Leone

She's an active model who is crazy busy and hadn't written much since college.  She got her first book out in just under three months and the book went on to hit #1 on Amazon in the beauty niche. 


Since then she's gone on to release two more books and is currently working on her fourth!


A Tutor, an Entrepreneur, Doctors, and even a Model…



This Method Flat Out Works. 


Will it work for you?


Honestly… how the heck would I know, we just met?!?  But I can tell you that everyone who has followed my system has published their book.  I have a 100% track record among the people I've worked with.


And the best thing is, you don't need to be a writer to create your own book...


You don't need to waste years of your life struggling and bleeding onto your keyboard...


You don't need to suffer through painful writing sessions and frustrating writer's block...


You don't need to spend a small fortune on ghostwriters who will never capture your unique voice...


You don't need to already be famous.


And you definitely don't need a huge following, tribe or email list to make this work.


This formula is so much easier than all of that nonsense… and it utilizes the greatest overlooked book model in the world.


I've been writing since I was 12 years old and I can honestly say there's nothing in the world quite like this. 

The Hidden Six (and Even 7) Figure Business Model Behind Bestselling Books

As you just learned… there are a lot of ways to make money with a book and only one of them involves book sales.  In fact, relying on book royalties from sales is actually one of the slowest ways to get to 6-figures.  


Of course, it CAN be done. 


It's just a very lengthy process and you need at least 10 books to be able to start bringing in any significant income.


So, book royalties are not the only source of income from a book.


However, most people take a simple book and then they massively over complicate it.

You see, there are two ways to make money from your book:  The simple way… or the complicated way.


This is what the complicated way looks like:


First, you have to create an opt in page and try to beg someone to give you their email.  


Once they do, you offer them:


  • A $7 dollar product.  (This could also be your book.)

    After they buy your $7 product you try to sell them something else at a higher price… usually $47-97.  If they say no, you try to downsell them with a discount or payment plan.


  • If they say yes to your downsell, you again try to upsell them something.
  • And if they say no to your upsell, then you offer them another downsell.  


Whew!  But you’re not finished yet… because now you have to create:

  • An Email series that goes to EACH book buyer… 
  • An Email series for EACH upsell buyer…
  • An Email series for EACH downsell buyer...
  • PLUS an email series for people who only opted in! 



I don’t know about you, but my head hurts.  


Now this may seem so ridiculous that you may feel I’m making this up. I wish I was… but I am not.  


To prove it, here is a picture I took of a potential client’s sales process that he had drawn up as a flow chart.

complicated way

Tell me… do you have the time to create something like that?  And even if you did… would you even know what to do with it once you did?


Stuff like this flowchart is seductive.  It’s sexy. It's what all the marketing gurus will tell you that you need if you want to be successful.


IF ONLY you had a sales process like this online for YOUR business… everything would change for you. Overnight.


And do you know what I say when I see something like this?




You don’t need that to be successful or to make money.  As with everything in life… simple is better.


Here’s the simple way:


the simple way

An ad that sends people to your book, a video enhancer and some group coaching. Doesn’t this look way less stressful to you?


So, let me break this down a bit further for you…


First you offer your bestselling book for $7.99.  In the industry we call this the “Free + Shipping” model.  You actually give your book away for free and ask for $7.99 to cover the postage required to send it to them.  This fee will almost always cover your printing and shipping costs and leave you a couple of bucks left over.


This person now has just figuratively raised their hand to let you know they are interested in your information.


And when they do that, you immediately offer them a video course for $197 that expands on and enhances the material in your book.  It’s really easy to create and I’ll show you how to do that in just a second.  


Regardless of whether they buy your videos or not...


You still make them an additional offer for a product worth $297.  To keep this really, really simple, I suggest you make this a 4-6 week group coaching offer.  


You get on a Google hangout or conference call once a week, review the material from your book and then open it up for questions and you coach them.


Then, at the end of the program, you make them another offer and show them how they can work with you one-on-one.  I like to set this up as a recurring monthly fee so I don’t have to keep chasing clients down for money at the end of the month. They’re just auto-billed.


And I offer a discount if they sign up this way vs. paying “per session”. 


Some of the more popular models are coaching via email only - no calls - for $500 a month OR email coaching plus two 45 minute phone calls for $1,000/month.


By setting things up this way you’ve now eliminated the biggest challenge that coaches have… which is consistent monthly income.  You don’t have to spend so much time chasing clients PLUS you can be much more selective on the ones that you DO work with.


And, lest you think I forgot about you… 


If you’re a consultant, instead of offering group coaching you can send them to an application where they can schedule a time right then and there for a free strategy call with you.


Can you see how structuring your business this way will be way more financially lucrative for you?


Alright - so this may be a bit new for you, so let me share with you how you can create your video enhancer using just your book… 


Go through your book and create a Cliffnotes version.  Just get the very best, most actionable info. 


Now, take that info and put it into powerpoint slides.  Better yet, hire someone to do that for you.  I consider myself a really smart guy.  


Yet, you give me a blank powerpoint, keynote or google slide document and say “Hey, create a nice looking presentation in this” and I’ll be in full on Hulk mode within 15 minutes ready to smash stuff.


With design, and presentations, I’m a total idiot.  I get that.  I readily admit it.  I used to try and do everything myself.  Now, for the sake of my blood pressure I just hired someone else.  If you’re just getting started, money may be tight.


Fortunately, we live in an amazing age where you can get really high-quality people for not a lot of money.  One of my favorite websites is called Fiverr.com.  You can get someone to take your notes and turn into a decent powerpoint or Keynote for under $30.


Next, get a program like Camtasia for PC or Screenflow for Mac and record your screen as you read through each slide.  Save each chapter individually and when you are finished you will have a full video series of all the content of your book.


Everyone learns in different ways.  I love to read and don’t like video as it slows me down.  My wife is exactly the opposite.  She loves videos.  

One of the great things about this system is… you never have to be on camera when you do this.  Just record the slides on your screen.


And you can even outsource THAT to someone if you don’t want to read it.  Remember, this is the SIMPLE way to six-figures.


Now you just add on your 4-6 week “group coaching” program for that other $297 offer and congratulations, you have your first $500 package.


And guess what?  You didn’t have to create ANY new content.  It all came from your book.


If you already have a published book - you could have this finished and set up by the end of next week. And once this is set up, the time it takes to maintain it is virtually nil.


Tell me, if you had a system online next week that brought in up to $500 AND a stream of brand new clients without a lot of effort on your part, would that impact the amount of money you make?

Why This Works

Your book acts as a filter.  


Only the people most interested in your topic or service will actually get the book.  When they do, they have immediately identified themselves as someone who wants to know more.  In the sales world, this is what they call a "hot prospect."


While they're hot, you offer them a few other low-cost products.  I recommend $197 for the video enhancer and $297 for the coaching.


The added benefit to offering additional services is that it brings your ad costs down to practically $0...  


This means that yes… you can get new leads for FREE!


Finally, it positions you as the expert and influencer on the topic.


By setting things up this way you’ve now eliminated the biggest challenge that most entrepreneurs have…


...which is Consistent Qualified Clients!


You never have to spend so much time chasing clients… plus… you can be much more selective about the ones that you DO work with.


Can you see how structuring your business this way will allow you to spend more money on advertising… attract higher quality clients… AND… eventually work less hours to help more people?

Leverage Your Book to Stuff Your Calendar With High Quality Leads ...Months in Advance

I want to underscore that this strategy is the EXACT STEPS that myself and hundreds of other business owners use in our own businesses to get hundreds of new leads every single week…


This is also the chosen and PREFERRED hidden business formula behind many of the wealthiest and most well known marketers in the world.


Yet, very few authors know about this and even fewer implement it. Once you learn how to position your book online… you can grow a 6-Figure income stream faster than you can believe.


Are you getting this? Is this making sense to you?


So let’s take a look at some real world examples that are live online right now.  


Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Tony Robbins

tony robbins

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burcharo

By the way… he's been offering this book for free for SIX YEARS.  There's a lesson there.

Frank Kern

frank kern


These are the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and they are ALL  growing their business with a book.   


Collectively they spend tens-of-millions of dollars in marketing.  


Do you think they would be doing that if it wasn’t paying back ten-fold?


Now, depending on your mindset, you may be saying “But I’m not Tony Robbins.  Of course that will work for HIM… he’s famous.  It would never work for me.”


Let me be clear here…


This strategy WILL work for you. ANYONE really can do this. So, just to calm your inner voice, here are some “regular” people… just like you… who are also doing this:

ryan nickel

Listen, very few people set their sales process up like this because everyone is convinced that they need something super complicated. Because that’s what all the marketing gurus tell you that you need.

(And, who also just happen to have extremely expensive services where they will do it all for you.  #HowConvenient) 


The end result… since you don’t understand how to build it, you stay stuck in your business trading your precious time for dollars.


So which decision are you going to make today?  To do it the complicated way and waste years of your life and piles of money trying to figure it out?


Or will you choose the simple way… the way that the wealthiest, most successful, entrepreneurs on the planet choose?

Are You Ready To Publish Your Own Best-Selling Book?

What I shared with you so far, is just the tip of the iceberg.


In fact, I only had time to share THREE of the NINE steps in the entire process…


I call the process the "Bestseller By Design" Blueprint and it looks like this:

best seller by design


And today, I'd like to invite you to join me in completing the remaining 6 steps.


So, if you’re ready to become a published author with their own bestselling book…


AND… you'd love to use that book to create a steady and reliable flood of new clients eager to do business with you, hit that button below and let's set up a time to chat.  


First: Me or someone on my team will ask you some questions so we can get to know you and your goals a little better.

The answers to your questions will give us a very clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish and whether or not we can help you. Think of this as a 2-way interview.


Next: We'll tell you all about our services and get you all the details you need to make an educated decision. This is where we make a clear recommendation on what your fastest path to publishing is.

Then: We'll answer all your questions.

Lastly, based on the information we share with each other, we'll decide if the Bestseller By Design program is right for you and what the next logical step forward is.

To set up your call, go to our calendar here and find a time that works for you.

By the way… thanks for reading all the way to the end! 

I look forward to chatting with you soon and I can't wait until the day I call you to say:

"Congratulations! You're a bestselling author!"

P.S. If you’re still sitting on the fence, check out what some of our clients have to say about working with us to become published authors.

I have sold millions of copies of my books digitally online.

When I finally decided to release my first physical book, Travis Cody was instrumental in helping me to get it published and in getting it to #1 on Amazon. If you want your own bestselling book, follow his method and you will see results.

Jon Benson

#1 Bestselling Author




I've been in publishing, one way or another, for almost 40 years, including being a publisher myself (six authors' books in print). I can say without hesitation that I have NEVER seen anything as easy or powerful as this.

David Garfinkel

#1 Bestselling Author





I recently worked with Travis and his "make your book a bestseller" marketing service. I have to be honest... I was a little skeptical.

But lo and behold, in only a matter of days, I was a best selling author!

If you get the opportunity to work with Travis, I highly recommend it. I highly endorse his book marketing service.

Doberman Dan

#1 Bestselling Author

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