About Travis Cody

Most people THINK about writing a book… but you're going to actually do it!


As you read these articles, there's one thing I can promise…


It will only take you 18 hours a day for the next six months… so clear your schedule, cancel all your appointments, kiss your kids and spouse goodbye… tell your boss you won't  be in…


Because you're writing your book dangit!


I'm just kidding.  🙂


That fear you just felt in the pit of your stomach… that is what MOST people think of when it comes to writing a book:  it's big, it's terrifying, its insanely hard work and it takes years and years…


… and as someone with11 bestselling books of my own… and as someone who has helped dozens of entrepreneurs become bestselling authors as well… I can tell you that is nowhere close to reality.


My name is Travis Cody and I am about to destroy a lot of the urban myths about  what it means to write a book and leave a lasting legacy.


Now why would you want to write a book?   It makes you the authority. It helps you create an impact.  And more importantly it creates a lasting LEGACY.  It's your secret to immortality.  (Yes, by the time we're done you will know the secrets to eternal life.  And you thought this was just another series of articles!)


By the time we're done, you're going to know deep in the heart of your soul that YOU can become a bestselling author as well.

Nothing will be held back… I'm going to give you everything I have… All right here on this site.


But before we get into it… who the heck am I and how does that help YOU?!?

Who is Travis Cody?

I've been writing since as long as I can remember.  In fact, I actually wrote my first book when I was 12 years old.  Then I turned it into a trilogy.  


Sadly… those documents were lost to the sands of time…  but had Amazon been around in my day, I can guarantee you that my "Travis the Tricky Tiger" Trilogy would have been international bestsellers... which Pixar would’ve turned into Blockbusters.   😉


But alas they were written on paper so they no longer exist, just like the store, Blockbusters.


I was "Officially" Published at the age of 16   


I wrote my first articles when I was a junior in High School and had them picked up by a regional newspaper.  I didn't have the heart to tell them that I wrote those articles as a joke to impress my friends.  But, the editor called me and put me on the payroll, making me the youngest journalist in their 118 year history.


Today I have eleven #1 bestsellers to my credit, two of which were published in the last year.  (I have three more books being edited and set to come out this year… so #Humblebrag)


I have self-published AND had a traditional publishing deal. So I can let you know about the pro’s and con’s for each.


I have personally helped 56 entrepreneurs become bestselling authors… (most of them going from blank page to fully published in less than 12 weeks)...

And the team of marketers I work with have collectively helped over 3,600 entrepreneurs do the same.


So if you'd like to have a bestselling book of your own, you're in the right place.  


Yet before I achieved all of that… I was a Hollywood Man...


I worked in Hollywood for 10 Years as a Screenwriter and Film Development Exec for Producer Jonathan Krane.  


What that means is that I worked with a team of writers and helped develop ideas and stories into the scripts that he would later turn into movies. 


Krane is one of the most profitable movie producers of all time. Just a few of the movies he made include:


Look Who’s Talking, Michael, Phenomenon, General’s Daughter, Swordfish, Basic and more...


What I learned in Hollywood, the home of hit movies, heavily influenced the system I now use to create bestselling books, which we’ll get into during the main training. 


My Hollywood career ended in an explosion worthy of an action film after the company partnered with some… let’s just say unsavory... people.  So I quit. 


And for the first time in 15 years, I didn’t know what I was going to do.  Have you ever asked yourself that?  What now?  It was a challenge.  I admit, I drifted for a bit. I grew my hair and became a surfer in Santa Monica. Just kidding, but it looks like it doesn’t it?


That next year was the worst financial year I had ever experienced.  It hit me how broke I was when I did my taxes. Because I realized I made more money when I was a sophomore in high school.


And when you’re nearly 40 years old… it’s a bit upsetting.  There were certainly times where I felt embarrassed, humiliated and like a complete loser.  You know… like all good surfers.


Then my book came out.


The Following Year, I tripled my income and got back on my feet.


More importantly, that book caught the attention of a really big online marketer.


And that one Relationship led to Multiple Six Figures and eventually 7 figure years. And to think that was created...

All from a single book! And since then...


I’ve been Privileged to Work with and consult some of the biggest marketers in the world


People like Jon Benson, Lewis Howes, JJ Virgin, Dave Asprey, Jay Abraham, Tai Lopez, Loral Langmeier, Russell Brunson and even Perry Marshall, who wrote the foreword to one of my books. 


Because of that experience, I look at books entirely differently than most people do.  A book is the leverage point that can completely shift your ability to bring in high-quality clients on demand.  


Now, I do want to be very clear here.  With the exception of Jon Benson, I did not help any of these people with their own books.  Far from it.  Most of them were NY Times bestsellers long before we ever met. 


The point here is that just ONE single book put me in contact with many of the biggest names in my industry and exposed me to some of the highest premium clients I have ever had. 


As one of my mentors wisely said… it's not about what you know… and it's not even about WHO you know...


It's about who KNOWS YOU. 


My writing and work have gone on to appear on sites like Huffington Post, USA Today, CNN, and more local sites than I care to keep track of.


And I’ve even been on Ellen… Personally, I like to believe that it’s because I make her laugh.  :p


Ultimately, it was A BOOK that granted me access to these people, exposure and opportunities! 

Today, I live in Las Vegas with my wife Makayla

me and my wife makayla

and our girls - Freya and Diana.

Freya and Diana

Diana (on the left) is my co-author… she likes to sit on my lap when I'm writing. I read my work out loud to her and if it's good, she purrs. 


If it's not good… she does this:


Anyway, ONE book did a lot for me. 


But helping others really didn't take on a deep meaning for me until 2016.


I remember the date well:  Tuesday August 2.  It was just after 10 PM when I got the call that Jonathan Krane… the man who had launched my Hollywood Career… the man who had been my friend and mentor for nearly 15 years… was dead.


Of course, you never see it coming. He was only 65 years old and, by most measures, in relatively decent shape. I went for a long walk that night, the emotion pouring onto my sleeves.… because that's how surfers mourn. When I returned home, I sunk into the couch, over- come with grief.


I sat there, with happy thoughts of the past racing through my mind… and the sorrow that comes with knowing that there will be no more. After a few more tears, I looked over at my bookshelf, where one particular book caught my eye. I walked over, pulled it down, and held it in my hands. 


A Revolutionary Approach to the Art and Science of Filmmaking: A Treatise on Fixing the Accidental Industry, by Jonathan Krane.


As I sat there, flipping through those pages, I was overcome with an incredible sense of gratitude. I was so grateful that Jonathan had taken the time to create that book! 


Though he was now gone, his life lessons, experiences, and wisdom gathered from 30 years in the film business, everything was still there. Though I could no longer call him up and ask his advice, I still had it. Right there… contained in that book.


I compared that experience to one that had occurred just a few months earlier. There was a woman who lived in my apartment building. 


She had an incredible life story. She had been one of the very first female producers for NBC news— back in the 1950s. If you think women today have it tough in the workplace, just imagine the level of sexism she faced every day of her career. (Probably why she was such a firecracker!)

Because of her, the glass ceiling was shattered, and it paved the way for women like Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Oprah, and more.

I used to beg her to let me help her turn her story into a book. Every time I saw her I brought it up. However, as is the case with most of us, she was always too busy and would “get around to it eventually.”


Sadly, with her passing, her life story is lost forever. Her grandchildren, who were six and eight, would truly never know who she was from her own words.


As I compared those two experiences… my friends passing… and the gratitude that I felt because Jonathan had taken the time to write a book, 


I realized then that your TRUE LEGACY™ isn’t the stuff that we leave behind. It isn’t the money or the houses or the stock portfolio or the cars… it isn’t any of those things.


Your TRUE LEGACY™ is your life story.


It’s your successes and triumphs, your setbacks and failures… 

like floating a year in Santa Monica as a broke surfer…


But your failures are GOLD… those are where your biggest lessons are…and those are the things that most people never share.


experiences and wisdom… that is your TRUE LEGACY™.


Where do you get your experiences and wisdom from?  From your failures.  Even though people remember you for your successes… but those successes would never have happened without the failures.


[Examples here:  Michael Jordan, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs]


[Possibly talk about Paris Hilton and Kim K.]


I have a question that I like to ask anyone over the age of 35:


“Do you have experiences, successes, failures, and triumphs that if you shared them with your children… and they listened… would save them time, money, or heartache in their own life?”


100% of the time the answer is YES.


That is your TRUE LEGACY™! 


That is the gold that you leave behind.


You have an incredible story inside. A story that demands to be told. A story that you can leave behind so that your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will always know who you are and who you were. That your time on this amazing planet of ours was worth it… and it was valuable.


We go to movies because we like to go to exotic places. Places we've never seen before… 


And you know what we've never seen before?  Inside your HEAD.


Man… the stuff we've learned.  The insignificant things we learn from random people.


There are hundreds of stories of average entrepreneurs who heard a random idea from someone… and that insignificant thing… ended up being the foundation to creating something great. 


That's why I've decided to  share everything I know about publishing books… right here on my humble little website.


Because I don't want you to end up like Rita.  I don't want the people in your family to not hear the treasures of wisdom that you have to leave behind.  


I want you to help you preserve Your Legacy In a Book.


I'll also show you how you can turn your CAREER experience into a bestselling book… but once you go through the process you'll know exactly how to turn your other life stories and experiences into books as well.


By the time we're done… you'll have a Career Legacy Book… A Life Legacy in a Book… and maybe even turn some of your life lessons into a Legacy Book as well…


The sky's the limit.


So who can have a book?  ANYONE.  


Anyone can have a book today.

Here are a few of the people I've helped along the way…  (BTW - these are people just like YOU.)

Clients book cover collage

Do you know what these business owners have that you don’t?  




They are no different than you. 


 And in fact if you simply follow my formula… I can absolutely say that...


Results ARE Typical


IF you follow the system and do the steps… you will have a published book of your own far faster… and far easier… than you could ever imagine. 


That said… if you don't do the work… you don't get the results. 


And that's what these articles are designed to show you.  Their going to show you the exact steps to take to go from blank page to fully published in 12 weeks or less


The people I've shown this too can't believe how easy it is.  That's why 60% of the people we've helped now have MULTIPLE bestselling books!


A book is the fastest way to achieve credibility, authority and INFLUENCE in your marketplace.


Most likely you already know this, but here are just a FEW examples to prove the point...


 Anthony Robbins & Tim Ferriss were both complete unknowns.  Then they published a book.  Awaken the Giant Within for Tony &  4-Hour Workweek for Tim. Within 6 months of publishing they were both nearly household names.

awaken the giant within

How many books does Dr. Phil have? (15);  Dr. Oz? (12); Deepak Chopra has a bunch. 


Richard Branson has 5 that I know of. 

like a virgin by richard branson
losing-my-virginity by richard branson
finding my virginity by richard branon
the-virgin-way by richard branson
screw-business-as-usual by richard branson

For Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, both of them got a major boost to their career by being on Oprah.  Do you know HOW they got on her show? Because of a book.  Because Oprah read and was impressed by their books. Books are powerful.  Books are the ultimate leverage.  


Now obviously I’m using the extreme examples here.  The point is… for many people… just ONE book can change everything.


But in addition to just the influence you can get… what if you could add an additional six-figures or more to your yearly revenue... would it be worth it to you?  

There are a few ways to make this happen.  The first is, once your book is published, you can immediately raise your rates so you can start to be paid what you are truly worth.


Better yet, you can position your book so that you can attract a steady stream of new, ideal clients.  These are hungry 'pre-sold' clients and you get to choose who you work with instead of 'hustling' trying to get business all the time.  


I’m going to show you how to do all that. Before I do…


Let me share a quick story with you… 

great great grandfather and his brothers in the late 1800’s

This is a picture of my great great grandfather and his brothers in the late 1800’s.  


They were miners.  At one point, they held the claim to Kimberley Mine in Central Utah.  


After working this claim hard for several years, they had barely come up with a few flecks… not even a full ounce of gold… so they pulled up and sold out.


The new owner was a complete novice with very little mining experience.  Not knowing where to really start, he simply continued down the last shaft my grandfather had started. 


This man chiseled just 5 feet further… and hit one of the largest gold veins in history.


That mine went on to produce over


  • 157,000 ounces of Gold


  • 521,000 ounces of Silver


In today’s dollars that’s the equivalent of



  • $166,416,860 for the Gold


  • $7,382,570 for the Silver


Mining was their life and they were good at it. Yet they stopped just short and missed out on the payday of a lifetime.  


There is a Price to Stopping Short


What areas in your own life have you stopped short?  


What areas of your life are you stopping short right now?

If the most accomplished people in the world have taught us anything it is this: 


You have to stay the course and keep digging.


My grandfather didn’t stay the course and it cost his family hundreds of millions of dollars.


When I learned this story as a kid, frankly I was a little ticked off. (I’m still ticked off now, actually!)


I vowed to find the new vein of gold for myself and my family.  


I did eventually discover that vein of gold - which for me was making over six-figures with my books and writing alone.


Over the Next 5 Articles, I will show you...


The fastest, easiest way to turn your work and career experience into a bestselling book.

My first book took me over two years to write… after having thought about it for 10.  My second book took 19 months.


When I applied the Formula I am about to share with you to my 3rd book… I went from blank page to fully published in just shy of three weeks.  And I'll show you dozens of others who I have shared this with who have all done the same thing.


Over the coming articles I'm going to cover everything you need to know about how to do this yourself.

Article 1: Not All Books Are Created Equal… You Need to Publish the RIGHT Book For Your Business


Article 2: 13 Ways to Make Money with a Book… (and the Only One That REALLY Matters for Entrepreneurs)


Article 3:   The NEW way of Publishing to Achieve Ultimate Ultimate Authority Positioning 


Article 4: How to Put Your Book onto the Bestseller List for Pennies on The Dollar


Article 5: The Hidden Six (and Even 7!) Figure Business Model Behind Bestselling Books


Man… looking over that right now… I'm actually starting to wonder if I am giving too much away!  This is ridiculous what I am sharing here!


I must be losing my mind to do this!


Alright… well, before I talk myself out of this… I better just get started!


Are you ready?!?  Are you ready to finally take the steps towards becoming the respected influencer and expert in your industry by having your own bestselling book?


Let's do it!


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